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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Daddy's 50th Bash

You should have already seen Amanda's blog, if not go here:
But if not, here are some pictures taken from my camera of this hallowed day.

This is Nora giving "Papa" his surprise invitation to his 50th Birthday Party.

This is all of us surprising Daddy with our "I'm with the 50 year old, t-shirts"
Mine said:
"My 50 year old Daddy can whip your Daddy"
everyone's said something different.

Nora thought she was all that riding in the limo with NO SEAT BELT!

Here we are @ the Hard Rock Cafe.

You can see who Nora wanted to be with the most this weekend.

You can also see in the background what we really wanted to get the 50 year old.

After the fantabulous limo ride...we were demoted to the MARTA Transit System for everyother place we had to go in Atlanta.

This picture does not accurately portray the seating arrangment we had the majority of the time.


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